The Avengers Series 7 Episodes 1-6

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The Avengers Series 7 Episodes 1-6

Post by John »

The first from our Dutch boxed set, starring Patrick MacNee as John Steed and Linda Thorson as Tara King. Good copies, and fully in English when we turn off the Dutch subtitles!

There are obviously two different production blocks here and a check on the web reveals this to be so. There are a small number of episodes filmed in the same block as the last Diana Rigg series (Steed even has the green Bentley rather than the replacement Rolls) and these were outside the remit of Brian Clemens and Albert Fennell. They are more straight stories and less fantastical. However, when Clemens and Fennell return along with composer Laurie Johnson, it's back to The Avengers as we know it.

Game 3s
Super Secret Cypher Snatch 4s
You'll Catch Your Death 4s
Split! 4s
Whoever Shot Poor Gearge Oblique Stroke XR40 4s
False Witness 4s

New characters include Mother, played superbly by Patrick Newell and his silent assistant Rhonda, played by Rhonda Parker. Mother has a new HQ ebvery week, and my favourite so far is the London Bus. His office is on the upper deck, complete with bar, and this one is genuine. They filmed in it mostly whilst travelling and it shows - no iffy moving background effects!

Great fun so far, but the best episodes are yet to come.

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