Star Trek III - The Search for Spock

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Star Trek III - The Search for Spock

Post by John »

This is unusual in that the film starts with a reprise of the last one, just like TV episodes do, and it is in fact a continuation of the story. Leonard Nimoy must have got over his dislike of playing Spock by now as he not only appears but also directs.

Frankly, Star Trek lovers should love this film because it is just like an extended TV episode. It's absolutely as good or as bad as that, depending on your point of view. It has the cheesiest ending imaginable, complete with the crew (wife and kids) gathering around the regenerated Spock (Dad) at the ceremony on Vulcan (the dinner table) just as nauseating as the end of those old US sitcoms! Watch the smiles of the individual characters as they gaze adoringly at their returned friend. Well full marks for them being able to carry it off....

Unfortunately in a long running series there tend to be story types that we like or dislike and this particular one I'm no fonder of than the return of Khan last time. They seem to have picked the worst of the original series to follow up on.

So for me 2s
But as a Star Trek exercise 5s
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