The Avengers 1961 - Series 1

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The Avengers 1961 - Series 1

Post by John » Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:20 pm

One episode only survives from this first season, which grew out of the "Police Surgeon" series.

This episode stars Ian Hendry and Patrick MacNee as david Keel and John Steed. The Steed look is already there, but the character is more shadowy than in later seasons.

The episode is not bad, crude compared with what it became, and at one point I'm sure someone forgot their lines and the cue was wrong and it was improvised as it went until they picked it up again! I suspect this was shot live, just as many programmes of its day were. No room for errors!

Interesting rather than entertaining, but worth seeing despite having to give it a fairly low rating of 2s

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