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Torchwood - Miracle Day

Post by John »

We're now up to Episode 7, and only three more to go. It's not doing well so far, I'm afraid. Characters who are worse than useless, until the plot requires them to be heroes and then suddenly they become efficient. Plot devices that are so crude and peurile that I can't believe than Russell T Davies is the same producer who was such a genius with Doctor Who. Scripting that is worthy of a school project that is bold but very short on the ability to understand how people really react.

And so slow.....after 7 episodes we are hardly moved on with the story. The parts set in Wales are pointless, unless they are fillers when the money to film in the USA ran out, and whatever is Andy doing in it? One moment the police are against Gwen, then they are jumping to her beck and call...the Gwen family bits are dreadful and she is so naive about working under cover. How can they all be still phoning each other all the time? Why are they not hiding? How can she hope to save her Dad without giving the game away?

The USA side is little better. Characters come and go, disappearing for whole episodes at a time. Jilly is a lively creature till she runs out of steam, no doubt she will adorn many teenage walls in the months to come.

As for Jack harkness, sadly his part is so badly written that he has become a pale shadow of the character he was. His lines are dreadful, his presence diminished and sometimes he looks quite ill as well. Add lavish helpings of gratuitous gay sex scenes and we have a dismal bit of TV indeed.

If another series of this drivel is commissioned it will indeed be a Miracle Day.


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