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Sarah Millican DVD

Post by John »

Just over one hour and twenty minutes of the laid back, deadpan delivery of Sarah Millican. Splendid. Sue was in stitches in parts. Sarah Millican is without doubt one of the best, if not the best, of the stand-up comedians. Clever, perky, witty, a sort of female Michael MacIntire, without any of the overly disgusting patters that some seem to think is necessary to be funny.

There are some truly funny stand-up comedians, but equally well some really dire ones who just rely of basically filth to try and entertain. There are very, vert few female stand-up comedians and very few of those are really good.

However, sarah Millican shines and this DVD is thoroughly recommended. Some strong language and adult themes, so maybe not for youinger children, but apart from that, it gets a rating of: 5s

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