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Orange Is The New Black

Posted: Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:57 pm
by John
This is a curious new series on Netflix. Maybe not so new to you, dear reader, but new to us. We were curious to see what Laura Prepon was doing these days, a long time onwards from our favourite 70's Show.....

At first I didn't like it at all and found it very claustrophobic, but half way through Series 1 I'm certainly mellowing to it and starting to enjoy it a bit. I was very surprised to see it was originally billed as a comedy drama though, as there's nothing remotely funny about it.

I do take slight exception though to its predictable racial stereotypes. I'm guessing that people generally don't talk is those squawking, barely intelligible sound bytes, nor do they continually act as though they are puppets on strings. Conversely the leads are very good, particularly Taylor Schilling, who carries it all off very well. As for Laura Prepon, she hasn't made much impact yet and seems pretty much a quiet version of Donna with black hair.

Awesome..... 4s

Re: Orange Is The New Black

Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2016 10:04 am
by John
It's a funny thing, but half way through season 2 we are still, slowly, watching it, but can't really make up our minds whether or not we're enjoying it.

Obviously we must be to a certain extent, otherwise we wouldn't bother, but the jury is still out.