Timeless (Philips, 1968)

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Timeless (Philips, 1968)

Post by John »

This is the second Frankie Valli solo album from the Philips years, recorded as a block and what a difference it makes. I remember finding this in a record shop in Manchester when I was still at school. I had just enough money at home to buy it, but not if I used any bus fare, so I walked home to Salford, got the money (37/6 or thirty-seven shillings and sixpence), walked back to Manchester, got the disc and then walked home to play it.

This is a trmendous album. If I say an album of ballads it's doing it an injustice because the orchestrations are so dramatic and the vocals so powerful and unusual that it's electrifying. Mostly new songs and all are great songs. This is Frankie at his peak and is recommended listening, so please go out and buy a copy....because he needs the money..... :lol:


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