Lady Put The Light Out (Private Stock, 1978)

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Lady Put The Light Out (Private Stock, 1978)

Post by John »

Things were falling apart at Private Stock and the early success was failing. Partly because Frankie was recording things the record company didn't really like, so their enthusiasm was limited. Partly because Frankie's choice of songs was not brilliant. I suggested to Bob Gaudio that he should do the choosing and just get Frankie to do the singing...

This last PS album, produced by Charles Calello and with Frankie Valli as Executive Producer, is a bit messy to be honest. The production is sloppy and the diting not the best. It tries to be the album that puts Frankie in the nightclub singing moody love songs but for once his falsetto is used in odd places where it doesn't really flow with the song. The album doesn't make up its mind where it's at and is a confused collection of sometimes brilliant but often messy music.

Highlight is probably "Native New Yorker", performed on stage for many years. If Frankie had released it as a single then he could have had the hit.


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