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Jersey Boys

Post by John »

Jersey Boys, the story of the early years of The 4 Seasons, is now showing previews at the Prince Edward Theatre in London.

We were due to go last night but I sold the tickets and declined to make the journey after all. I think I'll wait until they are in the full swing of things.

It should be interesting enough, but I know it's full of dramatic licence and I have a feeling I would find the lack of accuracy annoying. As for the singing, I have the USA cast CD and have heard lots of Jersey Boys live bits via YouTube.

My conclusion regarding the singing is that nobody does it like Frankie Valli and unfortunately they try to emulate the records rather than trying to emulate the live versions. The result isn't right...

So mixed feelings for the purist, but I gather audiences find it's a pretty exciting night. It's just a pity that the imitation will now probably become the "truth" and the real truth will be forgotten. Ah well.

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