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Let's Hang On

Post by John »

No, not the song, but the Tribute Band. They call themselves the "only tribute band dedicated to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons".

I've never seen them in person but I have seen video of some performances.

It's unfortunate that the lead singer looks more like Neil Sedaka than Frankie Valli and bounces around in a way most un-Valli like. He has none of the movements or mannerisms of the original and it irritates me when he is introduced as "Mr Frankie Valli" which he most certainly is not.

Musically and vocally they have taken their style from the 1992 Atllantic City video recording, widely available on VHS and DVD. and to be fair their rendition of the a capella version of Remember When was not at all bad. Big Girls Don't Cry was competent, but Let's Hang On! was frankly poor.

It's not easy trying to hit Frankie's notes, even when the key is lowered significantly as here, and I do question the value of tribute bands in general. If I wanted to see Frankie then even now I would much prefer the 73-year-old original. If I want to listen to an imitation then it's much more fun to try a personal take via the karaoke version. My version is based on the 1971-1973 band line up and style, for what it's worth.

So I'm afraid it's thumbs down for Lets Hang On the tribute band, but carry on guys if that's what you enjoy doing!


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