The 4 Seasons Live 1964

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The 4 Seasons Live 1964

Post by John »

Many years ago someone gave me a copy on cassette of a reel-to-reel recording of a show from 1964. The recording quality was very good indeed and it just goes to show that the potential was there to make a live recording that could have been issued, without the need for masses of remixing and other interference!

This is early Seasons, just the group and a drummer, and the vocals are very direct and powerfu. Full length versions of things that were then current such as Sherry, Walk Like a Man, Candy Girl, Marlena, Cry Myself to Sleep, Stay, Don't Let Go, Silence is Golden, BigGirls Don't Cry, Ronnie, etc. BGDC was even then not always performed "straight" but was used for lots of audience participation and basically a bit of a lark...The opening song is Since I Don't Have You, noteworthy for being almost identical to the recorded version. Obviously the group's credentials were defined totally from the first moments on stage, and the pace doesn't let up for a moment.

A very interesting and enjoyable show, much too short, but then shows were shorter in those days. It's quite sad really that this sort of thing is essentially lost and I feel that surely Frankie and Bob have some material like this that they could use in a general release. For posterity, I feel that they should make a real effort to do so, otherwise very few people will carry forwards a memory even of how staggeringly good they could be.

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