Cold Spring Harbour by Billy Joel

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Cold Spring Harbour by Billy Joel

Post by John »

Columbia, 1971
She's Got a Way/You Can Make Me Free/Everybody Loves You Now/Why Judy Why/Falling of Rain/Turn Around/You Look So Good To Me/Tomorrow Is Today/Nocturne/Got To Begin Again

Billy Joel's first album has a distinctly country flavour, but even at this stage is much more than that. Much of this music he revisits later in the live "Songs In The Attic" but here we have the original studio versions. Not as strong asa the later album, but still streets ahead of most recording artists. The talent for songwriting and piano is already here and highlights for me would be the lyrical "She's Got a Way" and the delightful piano piece "Nocturne"

The studio musicians that back Billy Joel are solid but the star performer is Bill on all the keyboards and vocals. A great first album, only overshadowed by the greater maturity of later recordings.


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