Jersey Boys Movie Soundtrack

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Jersey Boys Movie Soundtrack

Post by John »

Bob Gaudio produced this and has made some very interesting choices. As he says himself, there is not enough music in the Jersey Boys movie to make a soundtrack, so he has melded some original Four Seasons tracks along with the movie music. This is good in that there are some notes and parts that really only Frankie Valli could do justice to, and these are used to segue into the new recordings, such as using Frankie on the lead ion to Beggin'. He also retains the original ballad beginning to C'mon Marianne, for the same reason.

John Lloyd Young does a passable imitation of Frankie, perhaps not with quite the same transparency and timbre, but not at all bad. He's much better than most tribute acts. The arrangements are excellent and the whole album is actually very enjoyable.

I'm very critical to be honest of these things, but this one does pass muster and I'm happy to listen to it. As some original and new recordings are included on the album it is possible to see that no one can actually surpass Frankie and the group, but nonetheless it's a brave a valid effort that works very well. Those who do not have the same familiarity with the originals will have no problem whatsoever.


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