W90 to WG3

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W90 to WG3

Post by John »

Yes, I thought it was time to pass on the trusty Pentax W90, which has served well above and below water. And who better to donate it to that Amelia Jane, the budding photographer. If she still wants it, then it's hers. She did really well, in fact astoundingly well for four years old, when she used it at Dunham Massey. I'll post something later to show how she does.

Meanwhile, the newer WG3 was on offer for half price. being the outgoing model it was a bargain too good to miss. Improvements are waterproof to 14m as opposed to 10m, although to be fair I'm not that waterproof. And the f/2 lens will be handy in low light.

Results to follow!
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