A Proper Good Dunking

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A Proper Good Dunking

Post by John »

Nothing like a good bit of English for a title, and that was nothing like....etc.

But last night at ADAPS we were discussing compact cameras and members brought in a great array of images to share. At the start of the night I put my Pentax WG-3 in a bowl of water, just as a talking point to show that some compacts have particular useful features that would cost a fortune for a DSLR. Underwater shooting is one area where a waterproof compact is cost effective. Andy Butler added his waterproof Samsung phone to the bowl, but quickly retrieved it as it is only waterproof for 30 minutes. We had two hours with the Pentax, and fortunately remembered to remove it at the end of the evening.

Yes, it still worked! I decided to chicken out of dropping it on the floor, even though it is supposed to be impact proof up to 1.5 metres onto solid concrete....
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