Jill & Chris Get Married

General photographic techniques
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Jill & Chris Get Married

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On 28th October to be precise. By the end of 29th October we had prepared their wedding photos. It's always great to see friends getting married and Sue and I found it a pleasure to do our best for their photography.

There were a number of technocal difficulties to overcome on the shoot, solved by the following techniques.

Indoors, mixed lighting was handled (very well) by AWB in JPEG mode. A 50-200mm zoom was used to photograph individual sections or individuals in the congregation, as well as close ups of the rings etc. Shake Reduction and high ISO values ensured sharp pictures even at 200mm and 1/30 sec.

Outdoors, the low late afternoon light cast dreadful shadows and the contrast levels were very high. This was tackled by careful placement of the subjects under canopies of leaves and also a burst of fill-in flash. Apparently the guests who tried taking pictures got silhouettes. It's all down to understanding the appropriate techniques.

Nevertheless, some images still needed attention on Photoshop CS2. Highlight and Shadows adjustments were made and also noise reduction, especially in the shadows. Various cloning techniques removed unwanted background details.

We delivered the images on CD as 7"x5" and 10/12"x8" pictures, sized at 300ppi ready for printing. Pictures2Exe slide shows were also prepared, and as I write a DVD version has just finished burning.

A successful and very enjoyable day. Especially for the Bride and Groom!

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