DVD Burning

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DVD Burning

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Following on from the post about Jill & Chris getting married, burning the Pictures2Exe slide shows onto a DVD proved to be not quite so easy. We definitely wanted a DVD because they wanted to be able to show the pictures on TV sets, so it had to be done.

Eventually we realised that our DVD burners need +R discs, so that was a start.

Then it transpired that P2E version 5.0 has problems with its music timing. It basically will not synchronise properly.

So we went back to P2E version 4.48 and, although the process is a little involved, it worked absolutely fine. The first burn was a bit jerky, so we repeated that at a slower burn speed and then all was well.

It was worth it in the end and the DVD is now winging its way to Macclesfield, hopefully to arrive tomorrow morning!

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