Fuji Finepix 9600

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Fuji Finepix 9600

Post by John »

We are mostly a Pentax household, but I do keep a Fuji bridge camera for taking eBay pictures and for ultra close up work.

The S602 was the first (3.1MP) and it's a sobering thought that its original RRP was ver £800. We paid a lot less than that...

The S7000 (6.1MP) has been in use for some time and I felt it was time to retire it whilst it still has some reasonable resale value in it. It will be "eBay fodder" very soon.

The replacement is the S9600 (9.1MP) and you will have noticed a definite trend.

Why do we use these cameras? The EVF has its applications in convenience and the macro and super macro settings give close up ability down to an incredible 1cm from the front element. Quality is very good and the 28-300mm-equivalent lens on this new camera will add to its versatility.

The live view is also good for lectures, where the camera can be connected directly to a digital projector for teaching purposes.

A staggeringly useful photographic tool.
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