The Avengers Series 3 1963-1964

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The Avengers Series 3 1963-1964

Post by John »

This season just features Patrick Macnee and Honor Blackman. Some very ordinary episodes are interspersed with some showing much more promise. A gradual move towards the more fantasy orientated Diana Rigg episodes? No.

It seems the missing ingredients were Brian Clemens, Albert Fennel, Julian Wintle and Laurie Johnson.

The Clemens-written episodes in this season were much more like what I knew and one episode was actually later reshot as "The Correct Way To Kill" - an absolute classic when reshot on film. And that is the final ingredient needed. Film. It makes all the difference.

As before, Steed is Steed. Cathy Gale fails to impress overmuch - she really comes across as quite tame. The karate set pieces are few and far between and staged quite crudely, but it's a start.

Still, let's not sound too critical as I did enjoy the season and it was nice to have 26 all-new (to me) episodes to watch! Of course the classic joke has to be the guy tied up with a tie because "the bonds of the old school tie are hard to break...." :lol:

Rating for season: 3s
Rating for acting and overall considering technical limitations: 5s

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