Jersey Boys - the Movie

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Jersey Boys - the Movie

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"Jersey Boys" the movie arrived today from Amazon and we watched it tonight. Stunning. Clint Eastwood has done a fantastic job with this. It's not a musical as such, it's a drama and it's incredibly powerful, especially when we know it's substantially true. Frankie Valli was very brave I think to allow some very personal stuff into this, and those who don't come out of it too well such as Tommy deVito were brave to let themselves be shown in this light. It was dramatic, engaging and sometimes very moving.

The part where Francine Valli dies it truly heart wrenching, albeit it in the wrong part of the timeline.

The one person who played a bigger part in the story than there was room for is of course Joe Long, but at least in the movie he gets a mention. There's even a lookalike on stage in the next sequence, so it's something for Joe.


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