Spy, directed by Paul Feig

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Spy, directed by Paul Feig

Post by John »

Rated 15, we watched this with my 86-year-old mum, which was fine until Jason Statham arrived constantly mouthing four letter words. She got used to that, but around the middle of the film her eyes nearly popped out of her head, with this extended version showing a hysterically funny but astonishingly frank series of shots of a large erect penis....."The screen's stuck!" wailed our heroine, as they kept repeating the shot, and that heroine, played by Melissa McCarthy, was played brilliantly all the way through the film. Her comic timing is superb. Miranda hart was in there too, and she was also excellent. The film also starred the aforementioned Jason Statham, one of Sue's favourite actors. Add to that Rose Byrne and Jude Law and we have a powerful cast.

The script was sharp, the action shots timed to perfection, and the whole thing very, very funny.

Meanwhile, mum was totally perplexed by the whole thing, kept jumping and cringing at the violent bits, almost had apoplexy at the rudest bits, but continued to watch, glued to the screen.

Sue giggled all the way through it, partly at the film and partly at my mum's reactions to it. A very entertaining evening on many levels!


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